Build a scho
olWe believe that no child should be forced to study outside, or in a dangerous environment. Access to good education can help children escape poverty.

How we support schools Ac
ross rural Africa, many children have to choose between education and security. Without classrooms, they are forced to study under the trees, in all weathers. They are exposed to the elements, are distracted and are unable to learn. For those who do have shelter, it is often unstable, with holes in the ceiling letting in the rain, leaving children cold and wet and ruining their work.

In sub-Saharan Africa, 35 million primary school-age children have stopped going to school.*We are bui
lding secure and secure classrooms so that children can focus on their learning process and their future.

Brenda's story

Brenda is from Uganda. She was forced to study in an unsafe classroom with holes in the roof.

"We would study under the trees or in unsafe classrooms. Because my school had almost no desks, many of us couldn't concentrate in the classroom."

Brenda and her classmates were exposed to the elements.

Intense sun, or heavy rain, would disrupt the lessons and make it impossible for children to learn.

Build Africa has built a classroom block with offices, staff rooms, a shop and a library so that children can learn in a safe and productive environment.

Welcome to Kaleu Primary School in Uganda. This is what the school looked like on our first visit in 2010.

One of the students said: "Pupils were exposed to too much sunshine during class hours because they were kept under trees and semi-permanent turf. There were no desks. Too many lessons were avoided due to the poor condition of the school.

Now the school has seven classrooms, a kitchen, latrines, books and desks and a playground so the children can stay happy and healthy while they learn.


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